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If you have something you want to tell the webmasters and site administrators please use the email address provided on this page to let us know. You can contact the webmasters at the following email: Administrator.

Do not use this email to inquire about why you were banned from a particular video chat (unless you were site banned). You will need to contact the Administrator of the chat room you were banned from by going to the Chat Forums. Most temporary chat room bans are lifted within 24 to 48 hours. You may want to wait to be unbanned. Chat room moderator or chat room admin positions will NOT be answered by the webmasters if you write to us to ask.

Some people contact us to inquire about our practice. Other people write to us to give feedback or to request features they want to see us add. No matter what you write to us about we always read every single message and we will reply back to you with a response as soon as we can. For a faster response people use the chat forums and send us a message.

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