Chat Guide - How To Use Our Chat Site

Here you will find a brief tutorial on how to use our free chat rooms, webcam chats, and Video Chat Rooms. You will find that our chat rooms are very easy to use and user friendly to help you have the best chat experience. Our Chat Rooms are like no other, they always run everyday and are always busy with chatters from all parts of the world. You will find the chat rooms entertaining, there is nothing boring about our chat rooms, you can change the background, change your nickname, change your text color, change your font size, among many other great Chat Features.

If you cant see the video chat rooms:

Our video chats are flash chat, you will need to have flash installed on your computer. To get flash for free please use the link below:


Who can connect to our chat rooms?

We welcome everyone to use our free Chat Rooms. The more you use our chat rooms the more you will get our of them. We welcome teens, kids, adults, gays, singles, people from different countries, on short everyone can chat here. If you are 13 years old or older our chatting rooms are for you. Of course, like every other chat sites we have a few rules to follow to make sure everyone has the best time using our chat rooms. The rules to each chat room are placed under each chat room.

Why Chat in our Chat Rooms?

Our Chat Rooms community is a one of a kind chat community. Apart from being completely free, everyday we see new chatters enjoying our fun free chat rooms. We are a continuing to grow as a chat community, we offer only the best to all our visitors and chatters. Our chat rooms have many features that you will not find anywhere else. Go on and try them all when you enter our chat rooms. We also want to make sure all our chatters are in a safe and fun place, we hire the best and very friendly chat room moderators and chat room administrators that are here to help you and make your chat experience the best one. You found the best chat rooms, so have fun and chat!

How do I publish my webcam?

Once inside the chat room you will notice the webcam icon at the top menu of the chat rooms. (# 1) You will then click it and a prompt will in which you can publish your webcam by clicking "allow". Its that simple!

Tutorial on how to use the video chat rooms

How do I view others webcams?

To view a chatters public webcam simply click on the icon next to the nickname of the chatter you would like to view. (# 2)

How do I webcam chat privately?

You can choose to cam to cam with a chatter privately, just you and the other person can see each other. To do so, double click the chatters nickname from the list, the publish my webcam icon will appear above the input area.

Tutorial on how to use the webcam chat option

How do I chat privately?

To chat with another user privately simply put your cursor over the nickname of the chatter from the list of chatters chatting in the chat room. Then click the chatters nickname and a window will pop up where you can choose to private chat.

Chatting in private

What is a whisper Message?

A whisper message is when someone writes a message in the lobby of the chat to a particular chatter. To whisper a message click on the chatters nickname, a drop down box will appear and then click on whisper.


You can then type your message. Only that person you have selected to send the whisper message will hear a different sound indicating someone is whispering a message.

Whisper Message

When you wish to return to regular chat mode and be able to type for all users to see, remove the check mark from "whisper message" and on the drop down menu to the left click on "all users".

All Users

How do I change my chat text font and color?

To change your font and text color and size simply click at the bottom of the chat the "T" icon. A new window will pop up where you can configure it to your liking.

Changing the chat rooms text color and font size

How do I set my chat options?

You can change the chat room options to what you wish. By clicking on options at the top of the chat page. Then a new window will open where you can set them with a few clicks.

Chat room options

Changing the chat rooms options

I have a question that was not answered here, what should I do?

If your question was not answered here you can do any one of three things. You can contact us, you can ask the question on our free chat forums or you can visit this Getting Started User Guide

Why was I banned from the chat rooms?

We have very few and simple rules to the chat rooms, they are located under the chat room you enter. If you were banned it is most likely that you did not follow one of the chat rules. If you believe you were unfairly banned please contact the Administrator by sending them a private message using the Chat Forums for a faster reply or waiting for the ban to expire usually within 24 hours. If you have already tried that and you are still banned from the chat rooms or have a complain, please contact the webmasters at: Administrator and we will help you as fast as we can.

Hope you find this guide useful to using our free chat rooms. We hope you have a great time here, please visit us again.

Have fun!