Chat Room Rules

Chat Room Rules for Ultimate-Chatzone

Like every other chat site on the internet, we too have a few rules of our own so that the video chat and webcam chat rooms are running smoothly and everyone having the best time in them. We don't want to flood our visitors and faithful returning chatters with rules.

We have only the most important rules to protect the site and its chatters. After all we do get a lot of new visitors from all around the world. Its always a good idea to read the chat guidelines so that you enjoy chatting in this free chat site. To help you get familiar with the chat rules we have also placed them under each video chat room.

The Rules to Follow:

  • chat rules  The age to use our free chat site is 13 year old and over.
  • chat rules  This is a clean website. Nudity on webcam or in pictures is NOT allowed.
  • chat rules  Graphic or illegal content is not allowed anywhere in this site. You will be banned.
  • chat rules  This is not an adult content chat site. Explicit chat is not allowed anywhere in the public chat. Please use the private message system.
  • chat rules  Do NOT flood the chat rooms in any way. This includes text, smileys, and sharing images in main chat screen.
  • chat rules  Do NOT post links to other chat sites.
  • chat rules  Do NOT post your contact information such as email or messenger ID's, cell phones or home phone numbers, school name, home address, etc. in the public screen. This is for your protection and privacy.
  • chat rules  Do NOT try to hack or exploit the chat rooms. We will permanently ban you and report you to your ISP and or local law enforcement agency if you do.

warning  Failure to comply with these simple rules can result in you being banned from the video chats for up to 24 hours and in some cases server banned

How Can You Report Someone?

We want everyone who visits our free video chat site to enjoy the time they spend here. If someone is harassing you or threatening you in any way, you can report the user to a chat administrator or a chat moderator. Chat staff have a bold green color and appear at the top of the user list in the webcam chat rooms. Send them a private message and tell them what is happening. They will be able to kick the users who disturb the flow of the chat.

I Have Been Banned, What Should I Do?

In most cases you should just wait for your ban to be lifted by an administrator. This can take up to 24 hours. If it has been more than 24 hours and you are still banned you can contact an administrator in our chat forums.

List of our Free Video Chat and Webcam Chat Rooms.

Here is the complete list of our twelve different chat rooms. Choose the one that most interests you.

Webcam Chat

Video chat and webcam chat for everyone 13 years old or older. General clean video chat.

Teen Chat

Teen chat room. Clean moderated teen chat for teenagers 13-19 years of age only.

Gay Teen Chat

Gay teen chat room. This is a chat room for gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens 13-19 years old only.

Kids Chat

Kids chat room. Moderated chat room for younger teen chatters. You must be 13-17 years old to enter kids chat.

Adult Chat

The adult chat room is for those of you in our free community who are over the age of 18.

Gay Chat

Gay chat room for gay, lesbian, and bisexual man and woman chatters online. To enter the gay chat you must be 18 or over.

Music Chat

Music chat for everyone over the age of 13. Sing or play an instrument? Show us your talent in the music chat. You dont need to sing or play an instrument to use the music chat there is music and music video in the chat so that you can chat while you listen to music all in the same page.

Latin Chat

Chat for Latinos. Chat in Spanish and meet Latinos from all over the world talking in Spanish.

Girls Chat

A free girls chat for girls and women 13 or over.

Voice Chat

Chat room where you can chat using your microphone. This is a general voice chat. Anyone 13 or over can use voice chat.

Avatar 2D Chat

The avatar chat is a 2D chat room which lets you chat virtually. You can choose your own avatar character.

Mobile Chat

Technology is advancing. We are making it easier for those of you that browse the Internet using a mobile device.

Live Chat

Chat live with many people for free.

Lesbian Chat

Chat with lesbian girls and women live. The age requirement to chat in the lesbian chat is 13 years old and over.

Random Chat

Chat randomly and connect with other people who want to have a good time online.

Chat Roulette

Roulette type webcam chat. Get paired at random with other people.

Emo Chat

Find a chat room just for emo teenagers. You have to be 13 or over of age to enter emo chat room.

Christian Chat

A chat room for the Christian chat community to talk about religion, beliefs, or live in general.

Flash Chat

This is a general 13+ flash video chat room. The topics here are all general.

Singles Chat

This is a clean and free chatting room for singles aged 16 and older.

Have fun!