Online Chat Rooms Safety Tips

Important information on how to keep safe on the internet

We have a few rules for all our visitors and chatters to follow in the chat rooms and video chat rooms. These chat rooms rules are in place so that all our chatters are chatting safely and having the best time possible while in our chat rooms.

Our chatters should be over 13 years of age, anyone below 13 should be monitored by their parents or legal guardian. If you are 13 years old, it does not mean you can enter all our chat rooms. We have different chat rooms for different age groups, that is why we have placed the chat room rules in the log in page to the chat rooms. We expect everyone chatting to comply with the required age to enter the chat room you click. If you do enter a room that you do not meet the required age you will be booted out of the chat room for your own safety. Depending on the situation we might report you to your local law enforcement office.

Sharing personal information

Make sure that you never give out personal information that will give out your location whether you are in our chat rooms or our chat forums. Do not give chatters your name, address, school name, telephone numbers, email, etc. Be careful who you trust, some people are not what they say they are. The truth of the matter is that users of online chat communities are strangers to one another communicating via chat room. If you do not give out your personal information you will help making sure that no one contacts who should not be contacting you.

The majority of our chat rooms are video chat or webcam chat rooms that allows chatters to turn on their webcams. This will mean that everyone else can see you. Our chat rooms have the option that you can see who is watching you and you can block users from viewing your cams, monitor who is watching you and make use of the block option if you have to.

Meeting someone from a chat room

One of the most dangerous things you can do is to meet someone who you have just met online offline. Meeting strangers is dangerous period. Online or offline. As a general safety guideline, if you meet someone who you have never met before its best to meet on a public place and accompanied by a friend.

For parents and child safety

If you are a parent, make sure you follow what your child does while he or she is online. Monitor your child's internet usage, place the computer on the living room so you can watch him or her. Place the computer on any place where you can see you child while he or she surfs the internet. Everyone your child meets online is a stranger to your child. Some people might take advantage of using chat rooms to lure children and harm them physically or emotionally. To be on the safe side its best that you know what your child is doing online at all times.

Clicking links

Sometimes you will see that other chatters post links on the chat rooms or using the private messaging option. Do not click a link you do not recognize, know, or trust. Some people with knowledge of computer software and programs might send you a link that is designed to steal personal information from you. So as a general chat guideline for online chat usage, never click on links you do not know or trust. The same applies for files. Our chat rooms have the option that allows users to share files of pictures you might have saved on your computer, some hackers take advantage of that function to send malicious viruses to your computer. Be careful what you click anywhere on the internet.

Reporting a chatter

If someone is behaving inappropriately towards you, contact a chat moderator or chat administrator and report the situation right away. The chat moderators and chat administrator are there to help and keep the chat room under control.

Be aware that the although our chat rooms are moderated with visible and invisible moderators and administrators, they can not be monitored 24 hours a day. The chat rooms have a block/ignore user option where you can block and ignore users. This is a tool you can use if a moderator is not around. Blocking someone will not allow them to communicate with you.

In Conclusion

If you follow these general guidelines of safety while you surf the internet or are chatting, you will keep yourself safer while you use chat rooms.

Have fun!